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Increase Retention

Retention is your initial focus once the app or game has been launched. You have to keep it as high as possible. With AppNava, detect and engage high-value installers early in the funnel and retain future churners. Keep them in your game, track and optimize by data-driven AI methods.

Increase Revenue

Maximize the return on player acquisition. With AppNava, create dynamic player segments and engage differently with high-value installers and low-value installers. Convert low-value to high-value with AI-driven personalized monetization, Power up your game, and increase revenue.

Increase UA Performance

Data-driven solutions for the challenge of iOS15 and SKAdNetwork. AppNava AI model measures the LTV of each installer and updates LTV as the conversion value. Set a new URL with AppNava and maximize your marketing performance with predicted LTV.

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LTV increase


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80 %

Accuracy at least

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