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Thanks to Apple's newest iOS 15 update and SKAdNetwork, you can set new endpoints with AppNava and maximize your marketing performance.

Apple will be sharing a copy of a qualified postback with YOU, the developer. To extract the most value from this copy, we invite you to set your new endpoint with AppNava; a trusted SaaS company focusing on helping game studios/publishers become more data-oriented and assist in solving their data-related problems.


Step 1

The user clicks on an ad and installs an App from the AppStore

Step 2

iOS sends the postback to the Appnava to optimize your campaigns

Step 3

AppNava AI model measures the LTV of each user

Step 4

Within up to 24 hours, AppNava API updates LTV as the conversion value (iOS waits 24 hours to update conversion value)

Step 5

Appnava translates the postbacks and conversion values to shows records on the dashboard

Get your code-free implementation in minutes.

Easy, Code-Free Implementation

Advertiser app calls to the SKAdNetwork with AppNava’s Endpoint, providing code-free implementation of SKAdNetwork for your iOS apps.

AppNava's endpoint enables you:

The SKAdNetwork data efficiently to be able to make the best-informed advertising decisions. Appnava translates the postbacks and conversion values to shows records on the dashboard.

Setting up the API and DB infrastructure, guaranteeing a smooth data flow (full support to the development team).

Returning and validating the conversion value (LTV) within up to 24 hours.(AppNava AI model measures LTV of each user)

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