About Us

AppNava was founded back in 2019 to make apps and games richer and happier. We are a team of four awesome tech and mobile data experts who aspire to bring a revolution to the mobile and digital world. Data-driven solutions and machine learning utilization just run in our blood! This team of four excels at modelling complex user behaviours for mobile apps and predicting the future of your customers. With our experience in data science and engineering, we are putting forth our best to make you thrive. After a year of model development, we are happy to be there for mobile apps and games with data driven insights.

AppNava is the leader in making GAMES more profitable. We provide pioneering solutions in Game Development and Data Science. AppNava is operating since 2019 and serves both local and global game studios. We ensure that games are more profitable with the solutions we offer in development and monetization processes. The core solution we offer is based on AI and Machine Learning technologies to analyze in-game data.

Scale your game with AppNava.