Success Stories

Discover the road to success & the real impact of the AppNava on generating more revenue from existing players.

Higher Retention and LTV Results with ML

It is important to keep the users in the game as long as possible. So, the longer the users stay, the more profit they leave.

Player Segmentation

User acquisition and monetization is the most important part of the mobile game industry. After they acquire the players, they are targeting the obtain maximum profit from them.

Rewarded Video

We know that you all dream of building the next iconic game that will be remembered by future generations, you spend a lot of time thinking about some of the fundamental questions for a sustainable business.

Different Game Experiences

Everyone is different in many ways; tastes, lifestyles, expectations…Why the game content they play is not different?Why the game's difficulty level or progression will be the same for everyone?

Evaluating Lifetime Value (LTV)

How much can I spend in acquiring a new player? When will my players churn and what can I do to prevent it? And of course, building models that help to predict the lifetime value (LTV) of your game players.

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