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ML/Data Science 4 min read Sep 12, 2023

Maximizing Game Revenue Through Adaptive Pricing & Offers: A Deep Dive into Player Segmentation with Prediction Algorithm

In the dynamic world of gaming, where player engagement is the lifeblood of the industry, harnessing the potential of algorithmic pricing and tailored offers can be a game-changer..

Mobile Game Industry 3 min read Sep 14, 2023

What is the Propensity to Purchase (In-App Purchases) in Gaming with AppNava?

Propensity to Purchases (IAP Propensity) with AppNava measures the likelihood of players to do purchases. Understanding a player’s inclination to make IAPs is critical for optimizing revenue and enhancing the player experience in the gaming industry.

Skadnetwork 10 min read Aug 9, 2022

A POST-IDFA Guide to User Acquisition for Mobile Games

1. What is user acquisition? User acquisition is the process of acquiring new users to all mobile-based platforms such as games, applications, and websites, using various marketing channels and different techniques.

Skadnetwork 6 min read Apr 1, 2022

Relation of SKAdNetwork, Conversion Value & Life Time Value

It’s been over a year since Apple introduced new privacy-friendly changes to ensure accurate attribution and measurement.

Mobile Game Industry 3 min read Jul 5, 2021

Success Story for Mobile Games: Higher Retention and LTV Results with Machine Learning

Due to the nature of the mobile game industry, it isn't easy to find users organically.

ML/Data Science 3 min read Jul 25, 2022

The Rise of Data Analytics Problems in the Game Industry & Solutions with Machine Learning

2022 has been a year in which the effects of the pandemic are gradually decreasing, but the mobile gaming industry continues to shine.

Mobile Game Industry 18 min read Feb 28, 2022

2021 Global & Mobile Game Industry Report with AppNava

This report is prepared by the AppNava Team, which consists of awesome tech and mobile data experts who intend to revolutionize the mobile and digital world.

Mobile Apps 6 min read Feb 17, 2022

What is Accuracy, Precision, Recall & F1 Score?

The Most Important Classification Metrics in AppNava — 1. How to evaluate the performance of a machine learning model? Let us consider a task to classify whether a player is a purchaser or not.

Mobile Game Industry 4 min read Jan 14, 2022

Success Indicator in Mobile Games: Retention Metrics

The soft launch means publishing your game or app only to a certain group before releasing it. In this way, you can test your game, make the necessary corrections, and be sure to put it in the perfect form.

Mobile Game Industry 5 min read Dec 3, 2021

6 Things to Keep in Mind for Gaming Startup Founder

Assume you’re beginning a mobile game company and have a fantastic idea for your first game. To start developing the game, you must first acquire funds and schedule meetings with potential investors.

Skadnetwork 5 min read Aug 26, 2021

SKAdNetwork: Does it evolve everything, or is it just a simple change? AppNava is here to make it easier.

SKAdNetwork is a privacy-friendly change that Apple introduced with iOS 14. In general, it is an API that protects user-level and device-level private information.

Mobile Apps 6 min read Aug 26, 2021

Mobile Game Genre on the Rise: AAA Mobile Games

Mobile games have become an important part of the gaming industry in the last few years. The developing technology and the increasing use of smartphones greatly impacted this.

Mobile Apps 5 min read Aug 26, 2021

What is LTV?

Lifetime Value is an appraisal of the monetary value generated through the user’s engagement within the game environment, such as in-app purchases and in-app ads.

ML/Data Science 3 min read Jul 5, 2021

Machine Learning Basics for Mobile Game

Machine learning sounds appealing and charming. It has a key role in what makes the data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century.

ML/Data Science 5 min read May 31, 2021

Being Data-Oriented: Where Should Start?

Being “Data-Oriented” means examining and organizing the data with the goal of better serving users and customers. By using data to drive actions, companies can specialize and/or personalize their messaging to their customers for a more customer/user-oriented approach.

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