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What Nava can offer?
Churn/Retention Prediction

Thanks to Nava, you can predict churn day of every single new user. We track the players in real-time and flag the ones that are about to churn. These users will automatically get an interaction offer in order to keep them engaged in the game. Seamlessly detect your "to churn" players then keep them in your game, track and optimize to make sure this was done in an optimal manner.


Nava applies Machine Learning Models to your analytics data to create dynamic groups of users who are likely to become inactive, complete purchase or complete any given conversion event. We help you to define users based on their past behaviour inside your game. Power up your mobile game and give your players better game experience with smarter player segmentation.

Rewarded Video Engagement

Based on the previous players data, Nava defines two types of user behavior; "Valuables" and "Others". "Valuables" log in the game frequently and watch more rewarded video than average in each session. Meanwhile "Others" also log in the game frequently but the number of watched rewarded video quite lower than the average. Nava detects type of your users then focuses on the "Others" to make them "Valuables".

Predicted LTV/Purchase

To reach sustainable the Life-time Value, start converting your players from "Non-spending" to "Valuable" users. Nava uses Machine Learning Algorithm to detect "Valuable" users to predict LTV. Then, it predicts number of purchases and the amount of purchase, successively. All these three steps take you to successful LTV prediction.

How It Works

Step-by-step guide of Nava


Connect to the largest mobile ecosystem with integrated partners globally. Just select your analytics partners and measurement tools (Google Analytics, Game Analytics etc.) Then, on the receiving side, choose the API that works for you to get access to your data, all of the time. With completed API connection, the mapping system is working to choose required features/variables from your raw data. Here %80 match is enough to continue next steps.

Clean and Prepare Data

Raw data cleaning and new feature preparation process are completed by Nava. We perform feature engineering to help out our algorithms and improve model performance. When data is ready to use Nava informs you to continue the next process.

Choose Model

Ready to apply, Machine Learning Algorithms is waiting for you. The only need is to choose ready-to-use model which is related with your next action and conversion events. Next action could be increasing retention, purchased amount or the number of watched rewarded video.

Results of Best Model

Nava informs you whenever your prediction model is ready. Come back to Nava and check the final report of the Machine Learning Algorithm. Nava offers the results and accuracy with fully transparent Machine Learning Models without any privacy. You can see the whole story and related features which are significant for prediction. Nava also shows performance metrics, which help you to understand how accurate each model.


Start predicting the future behavior of new players while even they don't know how to behave in the future. Nava defines player groups who are likely to complete a specific action and conversion events. So you can engage with players before they churn; attract players who are likely to complete in-app purchases and much more. Also with Nava you can choose the right balance between segment size and accuracy.

Action Tracking

With push notifications and In-App Messaging, Nava reaches your targeted players to offer better game experience. To help you grow your game's audience, Nava also tracks performance of recommended events and campaigns. You can also see performance metrics to understand how accurate each prediction and recommended event are. With these insights, you can better calibrate your risk tolerance settings. Predict next action of per player, just take action, track and win them back with dynamic platform Nava.

Use Cases

Detailed description for the cases in Nava


Due to the nature of the mobile gaming industry it is quite difficult to find users organically. Mobile game owners or publishers spend the majority of their marketing budgets...

Different Game Experiences

Everyone is different in many ways; tastes, lifestyles, expectations... Why the game content they play is not different? Why the game's difficulty level or progression will be the same for everyone?

LTV Prediction

You dream of building the next iconic game that will be remembered by future generations and generally spend a lot of time thinking about some of the fundamental business questions for a sustainable business.

Rewarded Video

You dream of building the next iconic game that will be remembered by future generations and generally spend a lot of time thinking about some of the fundamental business questions for a sustainable business.

User Segmentation

User acquisition and monetization is the most important part of the mobile game industry. After they acquire the users/gamers, they are targeting the obtain maximum profit from them.


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