Generate More Revenue From Your Existing Players

Earn more money from your own data

Know Your Players

Understand and analyze the what, when and why of your players' behaviour. Understand the past; what happened and why! At this stage, machine learning algorithms start being trained.

Predict Next Behaviour

Start predicting how your players will behave in the future even they don't know yet. Our registered machine learning algorithms predict player behavior. AppNava allows you to understand your players much more deeper.

Take Right Actions

Everyone is different in many ways; tastes, lifestyles, expectations… Showing the same offer to everybody does not make sense. Personalize your campaign and game regarding this knowledge.

How It Works

Step-by-step guide of AppNava

Step 1: Connect

Connect to the largest mobile ecosystem with integrated partners globally. Just select your analytics partners and measurement tools (Google Analytics, Game Analytics, etc.). Then, on the receiving side, choose the API that works for you to get access to your data, all of the time. With completed API connection, the mapping system is working to choose the required features/variables from your raw data. Here 80% match is enough to continue to the next steps.

Step 2: Clean and Prepare Data

Raw data cleaning and new feature preparation process are completed by AppNava. We perform feature engineering to help out our algorithms and improve model performance. When data is ready to use, AppNava informs you to move on to the next process.

Step 3: Choose Machine Learning Model

Ready-to-apply machine learning algorithms are waiting for you. The only need is to choose a ready-to-use model which is related to your next action and conversion events. These actions could be increasing; retention, the number of watched rewarded videos and the number of purchasing transactions.

Step 4: Results of the Best Model

AppNava informs you whenever your prediction model is ready. Come back to AppNava and check the final report of the machine learning algorithm. AppNava offers the results and accuracy with fully transparent models without any privacy. You can see the whole story and related features which are significant for prediction. Apart from this, AppNava shows performance metrics, which help you to understand the accuracy of each model.

Step 5: Real Time Prediction

Start predicting the future behavior of new players while even they do not know how to behave in the future. AppNava defines player groups who are likely to complete a specific action and conversion events. So you can engage with players before they churn; attract players who are likely to complete in-app purchases and much more. Also with AppNava, you can choose the right balance between segment size and accuracy.

Step 6: Action Tracking with A/B Tests

With push notifications and in-app messaging, AppNava reaches your targeted players to offer better game experience. To help you grow your game's audience, AppNava also tracks the performance of recommended events and campaigns. You can also see performance metrics to understand how accurate each prediction and the recommended event is. With these insights, you can better calibrate your risk tolerance settings. Predict the next action of each player, just take action, track and win them back with AppNava.

Scale your game with AppNava.