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for Real-Time Game Personalization

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Game Data and Act with That Data

Use Data to Turn Your Game into a Growth Engine

By using data science technology, implement real time player-based prediction.
Depending on the predicted segments, apply deep monetization strategy with LiveOps.

Know Your Players!

Optimize Game with real-time predictions.

Supercharge the revenue of Games, and boost the Engagement & Experience of the Player Base.

Player Segmentation for Dynamic Monetization

A vital component of dynamic monetization is player segmentation. Machine learning models analyze past player data and behavior, including their gameplay patterns, in-game reactions, and purchase history. With this data, they can swiftly estimate a player’s future Lifetime Value (LTV) or the amount they’re likely to spend on in-app purchases based on their initial gameplay session.

In Game Personalization

Enhance player experience and improve KPIs by leveraging AI/ML and data science. Analyze player data, predict actions, and offer tailored recommendations in real-time for a more engaging experience.

Predict  the next action of each player

Recommend  the right actions

Track  the action & win players back

What is AI/ML or Data Science?

AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) and data science are powerful tools used in game development.
By using data from the early play sessions of the players,

We can build a more sophisticated and robust model that predicts value of player

We can then apply that model to new players to Methodically improving the play experience and boosting KPIs

Monetization Strategy

Optimize revenue generation with effective monetization strategies. Target specific player segments with relevant in-app purchases or advertisements to increase engagement and boost financial success.

Implement enticing in-app purchases to enhance gameplay experience and provide optional advantages.

Integrate targeted and non-intrusive advertising, deliver relevant ads and offer opt-in rewards for engagement.

Offer a recurring subscription-based model with exclusive perks, rewards, and content to cater to different player segments.

Scale your game with AppNava.