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for Marketing & User Acquisition (UA) Campaigns

Supercharge Marketing Campaigns for Games

Boost ROAS & Quality of the Player Base

Improve UA for Both IOS & Android

We have killer ML/AI models to optimize marketing & UA problems, especially after iOS-SKAD and soon for Android. Close down underperforming campaigns and expand successful campaigns.

To get the highest-quality users

To allocate the marketing budget much better

To optimize ads & ensure that you move forward with acquiring players with high LTV

Let's Talk iOS Campaigns

Set up your conversion value (SKAdNetwork) is the key to success on User Acquisition.
What is SKAdNetwork?
SKAdNetwork is a privacy-friendly change that Apple introduced with iOS 15. The main goal of Apple through this method is to gain more accurate attribution for the iOS campaign. Thanks to Apple's newest iOS 15 update and SKAdNetwork, you can set new endpoints with AppNava and maximize your marketing performance.
Leader SKAdNetwork Solutions for Advertisers
Apple will be sharing a copy of a qualified postback with YOU, the developer. To extract the most value from this copy, we invite you to set your new endpoint with AppNava; a trusted SaaS company focusing on helping game studios/publishers become more data-oriented and assist in solving their data-related problems.

Step 1

The user clicks on an ad and installs an App from the AppStore

Step 2

iOS sends the postback to the Appnava to optimize your campaigns

Step 3

AppNava AI model measures the LTV of each user

Step 4

Within up to 24 hours, AppNava API updates LTV as the conversion value (iOS waits 24 hours to update conversion value)

Step 5

Appnava translates the postbacks and conversion values to shows records on the dashboard

Easy, Code-Free Implementation

Advertiser app calls to the SKAdNetwork with AppNava’s Endpoint, providing code-free implementation of SKAdNetwork for your iOS apps.

AppNava's endpoint enables you:

The SKAdNetwork data efficiently to be able to make the best-informed advertising decisions. Appnava translates the postbacks and conversion values to shows records on the dashboard.

Setting up the API and DB infrastructure, guaranteeing a smooth data flow (full support to the development team).

Returning and validating the conversion value (LTV) within up to 24 hours.(AppNava AI model measures LTV of each user)

Let's Talk Android Campaigns

Whether it's an event-oriented campaign on Tiktok & Facebook or ROAS-oriented on AppLovin, learn how to do correct event mapping with AppNava to boost marketing campaign performance.
AppNava's constantly learning algorithms detect "Why players make IAP or don't", "Why players have low engagement & more".
Then lets you set critical events associated with the campaigns.

With Our Data Science Platform Make Decisions with Confidence

Create a post-IDFA growth strategy

Campaign optimization (through ‘Analyze’), and reporting

Dashboard tailored to your game; setup, and support included

AI/ML predictive modeling

Grow UA, LTV, and ROAS

Predict the Future Behaviour of Each Player

Who are the most likely to complete the Purchase?

When will they complete the Purchase & how much?

Who is more like be Subscriber?

Who is just about the Churn?

Who is likely to become Inactive?

Scale your game with AppNava.