Different Game Experiences

Everyone is different in many ways; tastes, lifestyles, expectations…

Why is the game content they play is not different?
Why will the game's difficulty level or progression be the same for everyone?

Starting with the motto "Why do we offer everyone the same game", we have developed different game content and difficulty levels for each player. When two players start the game at the same time they can move forward with completely different content.

For that purpose, we developed a Chapter Finishing Model to understand the behavior of users for one of our customers. Mainly, they create and publish casual games and their vocabulary puzzle game has 15M+ downloads. 2017 and 2018 on Google Play and the Apple App Store, it received awards in the category of most downloaded games in Turkey. The German version of the game was prepared in 2018 and started to be published in the German market.

More technically, by comparing the success rates of the sections, we have identified the sections where users have difficulty in playing. That is, users were unable to play, so we were able to identify the times when they left the game (stop playing). Similarly, we were able to determine which sections were more enjoyable or which had higher income potential. This allows us to offer user-specific gaming experiences. In this way, faulty and software problematic sections were also detected and fixed.

Users are segmented according to their playing behavior (how they played the game and how long does it take to finish chapters) by using the machine learning algorithm. After that, the segment of new users is determined by using predictive modeling. So, the contents and difficulty level of each chapter were adjusted to keep them longer.

Thanks to these arrangements, they start to offer more enjoyable and individual sections to appeal to each user. Thus, the number of users who stop playing due to the difficulty of the episode decreased by 60%.

Churn Decreased by 60%

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