Success Story

How Zula's LTV Jumped 2x with AppNava.


Zula is an MMOFPS video game developed by MadByte Games and distributed by Lokum Games. The game is the first Turkish-made MMOFPS game.

Challenge 1

The goal of the collaboration was to increase the retention of players. To do so, we needed to figure out which instruments inspire players to spend a longer time in the game. They hypothesized that a free in-game gift would motivate players to play longer.


AppNava's 7-Day Churn Prediction model was applied to distinguish players depending on their retention day. After the players finished the first match, AppNava predicted who will quit the game earlier. “About the churn player” were awarded with an extra silver & gold box.

13 %

7-Day Retention Increase


Monthly Revenue Increase

55 %

LTV Increase

Challenge 2

Starting with the question "What happens if we give gifts to everyone? Will the churn rate decrease?" The answer is simple; Yes. But that doesn't seem very wise. Why are you asking? Let's take a look together:


We divided the New User audience into two; X & Y. Only those who were “About the churn player” in the X group were rewarded while in the Y group, everyone was rewarded with a box.


As a result, the LTV of group X increased while the LTV of the Y group decreased. Overall, LTV and Retention Rate increased at the end of the test.

32 %

7-Day Retention Increase

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