Success Story

How Zula's LTV Jumped 2x with AppNava.


Zula is an MMOFPS video game developed by MadByte Games and distributed by Lokum Games. The game is the first Turkish-made MMOFPS game.

Challenge 1

Zula notices that new players churn in the first 7 days and asks AppNava for help to increase retention.


All historical game and user data have been ingested for all newcomers. With Real-time Al Segmentation, distinguish between players who will stay in the game less than 7-days and those who will stay longer than 7-days.

13 %

7-Day Retention Increase


Monthly Revenue Increase

55 %

LTV Increase

Challenge 2

At the end of the test, Zula asked, "What happens if we give gifts to everyone? Will the churn rate decrease?" The answer is simple; Yes. But that doesn't seem very wise. Why are you asking? Let's take a look together:


We divided the New User audience into two; Only those who will churn in the X group were given gifts. In the Y group, everyone was given a gift. As a result, we predicted an increase in the LTV of group X, which is given only to those who will churn.


AppNava's AI-based retention model learning period ranges from April 1 to April 30, 2021. In total, 1,432,326 Players have been analyzed. LTV and Retention Rate increased at the end of the test.

32 %

7-Day Retention Increase

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