Success Story

Doubling In-App Purchases (IAP) and Reducing CPI by 25% with AppNava.


Low IAP conversion rates: The company struggled with low conversion rates for in-app purchases, limiting their revenue potential.

High CPI: The high cost of acquiring new users through paid marketing channels impacted the profitability of the app.

Limited marketing budget: The company faced budget constraints, which made it difficult to invest in expensive user acquisition campaigns.


Enhanced user experience: The company focused on improving the overall user experience within the app. They conducted user research, identified pain points, and implemented changes to enhance usability, performance, and the overall value proposition. This resulted in increased user engagement and satisfaction.

Data-driven optimizations: The company leveraged user data analytics to gain insights into user behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns. They used this information to optimize the app's design, features, and in-app purchase offerings, aligning them with users' needs and interests.


Doubled IAP: Through user experience improvements, data-driven optimizations, and targeted marketing efforts, the company successfully doubled their IAP conversion rates. This led to a significant increase in revenue from in-app purchases, unlocking the app's full monetization potential.

Reduced CPI by at least 25%: By shifting to performance-based advertising models and implementing targeted campaigns, the company achieved a minimum 25% reduction in the Cost Per Install (CPI). This allowed them to acquire users more cost-effectively and improve the overall profitability of their user acquisition efforts.

25 %

Reduced CPI by at least

Increased revenue and profitability

Continuous optimization and growth

Scale your game with AppNava.