Player Segmentation

User acquisition and monetization is the most important part of the mobile game industry. After they acquire the users/gamers, they are targeting to obtain maximum profit from them. It is a natural process, they pay to acquire them, now it is time to earn money and make a profit.

So how will this happen?

If your game is freemium and wants to survive, there are two ways to do this; rewarded videos and in-app purchases. But if you have a premium game, the situation could be completely different.

Let's return to our case and discuss the situation. As you know each player has different behavior in your game.

Some users prefer to move slower and watch fewer rewarded videos, while some of them are more aggressive. They prefer to watch rewarded video at a pretty good rate and perform extra in-app purchases. On the other hand, there could be only rewarded video viewers or only shoppers (in-app purchase) among your users. There are also those who do nothing :)

Now, imagine that you can determine what segment your users belong to when they first enter the game. Are they video viewers, shoppers, or nothing?

Thanks to the power of this knowledge, one of our customers start to identify their users as they first enter the game. So, they started to offer special content to them, knowing which player to proceed with. They have offered different prices to users who are more aggressive in advancing for item and gem sales. For those who are calmer and only inclined to watch videos, they propose in-app purchases with extra campaigns and discounts.

In this way, they increased their monthly profitability rates by 22% with the new campaigns and referrals implemented by different user segments.

Knowing the user and knowing what he/she wants is all you need. After that, the campaign, discount and the way you will earn an extra profit is up to you.

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